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Like a local

As they say, oh Africa! The best way to experience it is to live it. Are you ready to speak like a local?

Jambo – Let’s start by saying hi!

Karibu – Welcome. Karibu to beautiful Zanzibar.

Mambo, vipi? – What’s up? You can respond with poa (cool) or bomba (awesome) or if you want to be really funky kama kawa kama dawa (like usual).

Habari za asubuhi – Time to wake up! Good morning.

Asante sana – Thankyou very much (useful everywhere you go, for meals and to your incredible tour guides, haha!)

Lala salama – Good night, sleep well.

Habari za jioni – Good evening.

Nakupenda – Say it to that special someone, I love you.

Chakula chema – Enjoy your meal! Our version of bon appetit.

Hakuna matata – It means don’t worry. Everything’s gonna be alright. You’re in Africa after all!

P.S. If you want to find out how to say something before you visit, just ask us!

P.P.S. Here are a few songs to get you in the mood for Africa: Jambo Bwana, Lala Salama & Waka Waka!

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